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All the employees of the company travel to Xinchang together.
28 Sep 2019Matt Hopkins

Tiancang Lake is not only a candle-like mountain peak, but also surrounded by peach blossoms. In spring, peach blossoms are in full bloom, so it is also called "Peach Blossom Lake". In Tiancang Wonderland Scenic Area, there are many boulders in the stream, and the stream water runs between the gaps, so it is also called Qianxi. Along the way, there are hundreds of scenic spots such as Baizhang Cliff, a line of smoke and rain, 400 Zhang, Qipankeng, Wansong Tiancang, Screen Rock, Dashi Waterfall, Jiudi Lake, Chaoyin Wall and so on. The Tiancang Wonderland Scenic Area is a rare natural tourist attraction with deep canyons, streams, rocky stands, odd peaks confronting each other, elegant environment, a combination of peaks, valleys, caves and waterfalls, and wild and interesting nature.