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All the employees of the company travel to Wuzhen together.
28 Oct 2019Matt Hopkins

When October comes, there is thick autumn everywhere. Autumn will slip in a foggy dawn. After a day of cool wind, it will become more and more strong. It tiptoed over the top of the tree, dyed some leaves red, and then flew down to the next place.

Autumn has taste, sweet and greasy osmanthus fragrance, and earthy smell. All the senses are full of leisurely gathering. Although the traces passed by have mature taste, but different is that all the changes have blossomed in the high mood of autumn, bearing fruit.

Such a good season is definitely a good time to travel.

Holidays for the rest of my life: Wuzhen

Going out to play, the purpose is to be free, free and casual. This is my first time to Wuzhen. It's very convenient to start from Shanghai. We drove almost two hours to Wuzhen. Entering Wuzhen, the tenderness of Jiangnan is very comfortable.

Wuzhen is an ancient town of Jiangnan with a history of 1300 years. The crisscross river system divides the town into four blocks in the southeast, northwest, which the local people call "dongzha, nanzha, xizha and Beizha". Because of time, we only went to dongzha and xizha.

As soon as entering Wuzhen, the clean and tidy street is very bright. The leaves of parasol trees on both sides are yellow and green. They are very beautiful. They are shaking under the cold wind, falling down from time to time. They fall on the asphalt road, whirling away with the wind. The house building is full of the characteristics of small buildings on the river, which is a kind of ethereal place in the ink painting.